Friday, July 18, 2014

IMF (World Bank) President Lagarde Gives BIZARRE Numerology Speech!

So, earlier this year Christine Lagarde, the French head of the IMF gave a bizarre speech on numerology.  While most of us probably view numerology is a crackpot, pseudoscience, here we have one of the most powerful people on earth using it to speak about the world economy!!   In the speech she speaks of the "magic number 7", and it's implications for the year 2014 (2+0+1+4=7).  Why someone of her political power on the world stage would resort to new age numerology defies explanation really.  And yet, here it is. Strangely, Lagarde mentions the G7.  Yet at the time of her speech there was no G7, only the G8.  It wasn't until three months later, on March 24th, that Russia would be kicked out of the G8 and it would become the G7.  Did they already know where we were headed back in January?  As Lagarde herself states at the end of the video, these things will only happen if "we make it happen".  

It bears mentioning that several conspiracy theories have come up since the downing of Malaysia Flight MH17 yesterday.  It occurred on 7-17-2014 with a 777, on flight  MH17.  Some are linking her speech on "magic number 7" with the events now surrounding the downed flight.  While I don't personally hold this view, I must admit that it is no stranger than the president of the IMF using numerology.

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