Thursday, July 17, 2014

Today's Example of Why We CANNOT Trust the Mainstream Media

So, why don't I trust the Mainstream media??  How can I be so positive that they are biased and unreliable???  Well, here's hint:

And there you have it folks, another fine example of the high journalistic standards of our mainstream media!!  You would think that they would have checked the "sergeant's" credentials.  But, as long as you say what they want to hear, they have no need for pesky things like background checks and verification's!!   And so we have it.  The "MISINFORMATION media at it again!  Notice, she only heard what she had been programmed to pass along "So the plane was SHOT DOWN".  hahahahaa  

The truth is that NO ONE knows if the plane was shot down because no official investigation has yet been conducted.  But the media has already declared it to be an act of terror, and if it wasn't RUSSIA, (it MUST be them, as we are in conflict with Russia, they just formed an alliance with the BRICS to start a world bank and did I mention they're RUSSIA???) then maybe this guy is right.  Maybe it WAS Howard Stern's butt!!!  lol

Now really, with these fools in the spotlight 24/7 what chance do we have?? :)   

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